Your organization is doing important work. With as many constraints as there are on a nonprofit, your users need to have tools that simplify life as they keep the required records. sFiles extends the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud by providing the ability to store documents in Microsoft 365 rather than Salesforce. sFiles leverages its mobile-ready, intuitive UI to empower your users to handle document management within Salesforce without frustration. If your team uses Microsoft Teams or other Microsoft 365 applications, users can access these shared documents within those applications to get what they need and move on to other work.


Expense Reports and Receipt Management

Many nonprofits have a real need to keep track of all of the hard-copies for financial transactions. Capturing these and recording them easily can be a very complex process. When using sFiles, these documents can be managed in a hierarchical folder structure within SharePoint Document Library. This can be organized in a very straight forward way to allow easy auditing and end of year reporting.

Leveraging Salesforce mobile, users can use their phones to grab a photo of the hard-copy and submit it in an Expense Report Lightning Flow and quickly return to the task at hand. Files are then instantly available for administrative staff.

Document Storage and Sharing

The Salesforce Nonprofit cloud provides an excellent toolset for fundraising and facilitating donations. For these interactions, countless support documents need to be stored and shared securely throughout the organization. With API automation and Experience Cloud support, sFiles Enterprise gives nonprofits the ability to further streamline the process. These tools can be leveraged to provide up-to-date document access in your public and benefactor portals. They can also allow you to collect files during grant applications and store them in the Microsoft cloud where automatic classification can be leveraged to protect their contents. This keeps the storage of files outside your CRM system, where they can be accessed, audited and protected.


Searchable Record Management that Supports Users Without Salesforce Licenses

For many nonprofit organizations, only a subset of users have Salesforce licenses. For these organizations, sFiles provides the most complete and user-friendly solution available. sFiles stores its data in SharePoint Document Libraries and therefore can be queried by any number of Microsoft technologies. This means that files originating in Salesforce can be quickly made available to teams that do not have access to Salesforce. This allows the Microsoft 365 search, Microsoft Teams, and third party Graph API clients access to the data as soon as it is added.

The reverse is true as well: Microsoft 365 users can upload or edit files within linked directories which are immediately available to Salesforce users.

Leveraging the sFiles API to Store Email-to-Case Attachments in SharePoint

The sFiles Apex API toolset allows developers to automate many of the sFiles functions to create a custom solution. Incoming email-to-case messages can be triggered to upload files to the related SharePoint Document Library. These files are then available to both SharePoint users and Salesforce users from within the Case UI in Salesforce.

Customer Service representatives can easily access reference documents and materials to quickly and efficiently close tickets. With the API tools, nearly any conceivable workflow is possible for the automation of file management in SharePoint.