Glad you’re here, let me tell you what we’re all about!

sFiles® is a registered Salesforce AppExchange partner. Our team has been building and supporting integrations and custom applications for CRM systems since 2008 and specializes in Salesforce and Microsoft technologies. Our hands-on, real-world experience with our clients in these fields naturally led us to the development of sFiles, bringing the best of these two worlds together in a powerful new way.

As proud as I am of sFiles today – and as excited as I am by our plans for its future, our biggest differentiator and the secret behind our success is the sFiles team. Our extremely qualified team is aligned around a set of core values that is unique in our industry. These values come to bear in every design meeting, every conversation with every customer, and allow us to offer you an unparalleled experience while evaluating, implementing, and maintaining our application.

Everything we do should build trust and everything we build should be excellent. We refuse to sacrifice either of these to outside pressures because we value the work our end-users are doing every day and want sFiles to be the best app they use every day at work. Every interaction we have with the people we serve should be collaborative and offer hospitality. True collaboration only happens when you set yourself aside to listen and value what the other person is saying, while being willing to push back when necessary to reach a better outcome than either of you could on your own, and hospitality requires putting yourself in your guest’s shoes, doing everything possible to care for their needs, and help them be relaxed and comfortable, knowing they are in good hands.

We look forward to personally showing you what this experience is like.

Nate Ayres
President & CEO
Nate Ayres